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The Dock replacement for the Mac.

Boost your productivity with the most advanced and versatile app and window manager for the Mac.

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14 Day free trial. Requires macOS 10.13+. macOS 13 Ventura supported.

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Window Previews

All your windows

Find the window you’re looking for at a glance. If an application has more than one window, you’ll know right away. Click that application to open the window menu, which allows you to bring any window or even just the application itself to focus. You can turn window grouping off, and all your individual windows will be shown right in uBar. You can even enable windows previews so that when you hover the pointer above an app you can preview of all it’s windows (depicted above).

Dock or task bar

The Dock was great when it was released in 2001. Today, you need more power and more functionality. uBar can be configured as a dock or task bar for macOS.

uBar as Dock

uBar configured as a dock.

uBar as Task Bar

uBar configured as a task bar.

Multi-monitor support

Multiple-monitor support

Creative professionals, developers, and power-users often make use of multiple-monitor setups. Only uBar lets you take full advantage of that setup. When you set uBar to display on all your screens, by default each screen will have it’s own bar, which will only display the apps and/or windows associated with that screen. Alternatively, you can turn-on Mirror mode and see the same bar on every screen. Either way, you’ll finally be able to take full advantage of your pro setup.

Everything at a Glance

Everything at a glance

App FlashesNew

When an app wants your attention, it’s tile flashes in the active area.

App Activity

Hold the Control key to see the CPU and RAM usage of each app.

App ProgressNew

See the track position in media apps like Music, Spotify, and VLC.

App Badges

See badge information in large, legible red app badges or tooltips.

App Status

Spot launching, unresponsive, and restorable apps immediately.

More Features

Multi-monitor SupportNew
You can display uBar on any monitor, or all of them.

All Positions
uBar can be positioned on any side of the screen: bottom, left, right, or top.

Drag and Drop
Drag folders and files onto Apps to launch them.

Expandable Rows
Drag the edge to expand uBar up to five rows in height.

Window Grouping
Set window grouping to Always, Never, or Automatic.

Active FavoritesNew
Add your favorite apps, folders, and files to the favorites area.

Window Previews
Hover the cursor over an app to see a visual preview of the windows within.

uBar Menu
List Applications, System Preferences, and custom Apps and Folders.

Clock Area
The clock area displays the day, date, and time.

Hover Calendar
Hover over the clock area to display the Calendar.

Pin or unpin uBar to any corner of the screen. Unpin all directions to make it float.

Display a built-in or custom dial above the calendar when hovering over the clock area.

System (i.e. Automatic), Light, Dark, Platinum Neue, Now Playing, or Custom.

Set the size to Automatic, Small, Medium, Large, or Huge.

App Order
Show apps by Launch, Alphabetical, or Manual Order. They can be excluded as well.

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