Brawer Software does not receive or store user data. Personal information is not kept outside of user product license registrations and support communications. uBar is available by direct download, the Mac App Store, and Setapp. The uBar application does not collect user data.

macOS Permissions

Note that the direct download and Setapp versions of uBar require Accessibility, Screen Recording, and optionally both Calendar and Full Disk Access permissions in macOS. These permissions are used to control windows, preview windows, visualize events, and access the Trash respectively. No data is ever sent to Brawer Software or any Third Party as a result.


The direct download version of uBar only communicates to the Brawer Software server to check for new versions if the “Check for updates automatically” Preference setting is enabled. When updating, uBar will download the new version. The Setapp version of uBar communicates with Setapp servers. Please see the Setapp Privacy Policy.